Handmade Custom Birdhouses 

The Artist


By day I'm professional painter and owner of "Wanda Works with Paint, inc."  By nights and weekends, artist of "The Weathered Nest." I started both ventures on a whim in 1994, soon after leaving Corporate America. My short-term plan was simple: juggle both just long enough until something better came along.
Outside of Wanda Works and The Weathered Nest, I stay very busy at home just being a country girl. I live in a simple 1930's farmhouse just Northeast of Atlanta situated on enough acreage to accommodate my large animal family and hundreds of wild birds. My home-place is my pride and joy and forever a work in progress. Whether I'm creating my own ecosystem, a bird sanctuary, or another rainbow bridge, all I know for certain is my visions are fueled by divine intervention and a deep rooted passion for all God's creatures. 
A wonderful old barn serves as my workshop and you can find me there in my "spare time" hammering paint cans to the beat of seventies classic rock. I've often said that a day in my workshop is a day spent with God. For anyone who has had the pleasure of watching a pair of nesters scout, build, raise a brood and finally take flight will say, it is certainly one of God's sweetest wonders. How blessed I feel to have a small part in it all. 
Now, please, come on in and meet my peeps,
Wanda Kirk
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