Handmade Custom Birdhouses 

Recycled Light Fixtures

As featured in Birds and Blooms.
Prices Vary
For the nesting-Diva, these absolute one-of-a-kind recycled houses are upscale, in vogue and cream of the crop. For the serious bird house collector who thought they've seen it all, expect these to stand far above the rest. We scour the internet searching for antique light fixtures worthy of a new and exciting life. As you know, amazing antique finds are not cheap, and command a high price before they even enter my studio.
Original glass panes have all been replaced with breathable materials for adequate ventilation and heat resistant interiors. Cleaning is as easy as replacing a light bulb .
These can easily be mounted to a post, deck, fencing, siding, or tree and, depending on the location, expect to attract a wide variety of nesters.
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