Handmade Custom Birdhouses 

Blue Bird Houses

A sleek and classy design, these church bird houses stand alone any where you put them. Constructed out of rough cut cedar and assembled with exterior wood screws, these houses are built to last season after season and weather beautifully. Note: the deep entrance- way is a great selling point for your nesters. And for added protection, a sturdy metal ring will keep predators at bay. These houses are equipped with an easy access clean-out port on the back panel. Steeples are constructed out of metal flashing and screwed solid to the steeple casing. 
Suitable for post mount (best for attracting bluebirds), but can also be easily mounted to any other vertical surface such as a privacy fence, house, deck or tree. Customized posts and mounting bracket for this design can be purchased separately. If you're looking for a great gift idea for someone really special, this is it.
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